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Comic Collab - CuckQuest!!!

I'm super excited to once again be partnering with the mega talented Comic Artist, Brad Guigar of Evil - Inc After Dark on our new series - CuckQuest! This may just be an Internet first - erotic audio meets naughty comics!

In the first CuckQuest episode, there will be lots of Caveman cock for our hotwife to enjoy!! YUM!!

Brad and I had so much fun working together on our past collaboration project that we decided to start an exclusive series for our subscribers. CuckQuest tales will focus on a cock-loving hotwife and her adoring husband who enjoys sharing her. There will be lots of exotic places, lots of sex and lots of surprises as this series unfolds. You can check out a sneak peek of the art and audio HERE! And you can subscribe to either Lush in Lace or Brad Guigar on Patreon to get access to both the full audio story and art work.


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