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Hearing you warming up makes the temperature rise !

~ Patreon Comment on - Warming Up the Hotwife

  • " will bring you to your knees begging for mercy..." Certainly true for me when listening to this audio! and so many other audios by you, Goddess Lacey! Love your work so much!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

             ~ Subcriber Comment on - Sword Of Peace - Erotic Amazons Event


Just when thought waiting for the finals of 'Swim Coach's was hard!!! Oh My God! I am literally leaking with anticipation for part 2 of this one!!🔥 You brought the heat, I had to go outside to cool off after this one🥵! Awesome!🔥

~ Patreon Comment on - To All the Boys I've Fucked Before


  • Your voice is the hottest thing I've ever heard! I can't believe I'm just finding you on here. I'm hooked already!

              ~ NiteFlirt Voice Chat Caller Comment


Nick never had a chance, and didn’t want one. “1700 years of fucking the same snatch…”. #Laceygold

~ Patreon Comment on - Naughty List Day 12 - The Nasty List

  • God who doesn't Love a Good wet T shirt contest! 😎🍆🔥 Throw in an ambitious Slut like you Lacey, and it becomes next level! Loved this one Sexy Lady!😘🍆💦 Keep'em cummin'!

~ Patreon Subscriber Comment on -  Storytime - Soaker Saturday


I want to go to a hotel! That was so fucking hot I could see what you were describing. Lacey you are a Wonder. Love you

~ Patreon Comment on - Hot MILF From the Room Next Door

  • Omg….yes, it’s really her and yes, she’s hotter live than on her recordings. She’s fn scorchingly incendiary hot. She should be everyone’s top favorite.

~ January - NiteFlirt Voice Chat Caller Comment

😲😲😲 Oh my goodness!!! I don't know how high the Richter Scale goes, but whatever the maximum measurement is that's how devastatingly sexy this audio is. 🔥🔥🔥

~ Reddit Comment on - Welcome to the Neighborhood

  • "I never thought I'd wish I'd get stuck in an elevator, but wow. Now being stuck in an elevator with Lacey is all I want 😉 

~ Patreon Comment on - Starting My Week Off Right

You are such a sexy woman. You drive me crazy. I just came and I want to call back and cum again for you! FUCK!

~ January 2023 Comment on - Voice Call

  • Thank you! You're seriously the best voice actress I know. There are few with a voice as sexy as yours

~ December 2022 Comment on - Voice Call

God I love the thought of being reclaimed, especially like that!🍆💦🔥 Fuck that was Hot! I love the opposite perspective. Once again, You prove how Awesome your Dirty Creative mind is! Keep'em Cummin Doll!

~ Patreon Comment on - Stripper Envy



  • "Lush in Lace is a great person for voice acting. With punctual delivery and an open mindset, we would happily recommend her work and hope to work with her again in the future!"

~ Voice Over Work for  - Steamy Stickers

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