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Frequently Asked Questions

Message From Lacey...


Hello my luscious ones. I'm tickled pink that you've found me.  Hopefully a lot of your burning questions will be answered down below.

But I wanted to say a special thank you to my listeners. I've been sharing my dirty stories for 5 years now. WOW! 5 YEARS!! 
However, I probably would have lost the nerve to continue after my very first tale, if it wasn't for all of your support, encouragement, love and comments. You make me proud to be the naughty, intelligent, creative, funny and dirty woman that I am!

I'll keep the stories cumming as long as you are! 😜


Do you offer custom or personalized stories?

No, unfortunately, I don't offer custom recordings. 

Do you really have big tits? Is that you in your profile pic?

Yes, I do! And I love them... even if some days my back disagrees with me. Unfortunately, no that's not me in my profile picture, however I chose it because it's a pretty close likeness to my tits, if that helps 😜

I'm looking for an older audio of yours, where can I find it?

Some recordings are no longer available publicly, for various reasons. However, they're most likely still available in my  Patreon / SubscribeStar erotic audio library. Some can be found here too.

Do you offer live 'phone' calls?

Yes. However, only when I can find time between audio recordings and editing. And only to those 18+.

Will there be more of the Swim Coach?

Yes and no. There are 18 Swim Coach stories included in the original series, plus 2 additional exclusive stories from the original series. There will be no future public Swim Coach tales - at least not for the foreseeable future - I never say never. 

However, there is an exclusive 6 part Swim Coach Summer series launching April - September 2022 available only on Patreon & SubscribeStar

Do you accept scripts or story ideas?

I generally record scripts that I've chosen myself. But my listeners do have some great naughty ideas and I have been inspired by listener suggestions from time to time. So you may send a script link or story idea however, I can't promise they will ever end up as audio recordings.

Where do you get your story ideas from?

I have a pretty dirty mind that loves a sexy tale so I'm always getting inspired by something - even the most innocent scenarios can turn into something naughty when my mind gets a hold of them. And of course,  I also get inspiration from pics, stories, and videos too.

How do you make the sexy sounds in your audios?

Toys! 😝

Where can I find more of you? Pics, videos, content etc...

I don't share pics or videos - only my voice and my naughty fantasies. I have hundreds more audio stories available on Patreon & SubscribeStar.

Are you single?

No. I'm in a committed relationship and only share my naughty voice and fantasies.

I'm looking for a certain kink or theme when will you create an audio about it?


I don't create content that includes: incest, rape, underage characters, hard core BDSM, gore, vore, beastiality or any other illegal acts so you won't find those in my stories.

Other questions or suggestions?

Frequently Asked Questions

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