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Amazon warriors do not make peace with males! However, when the Captain of the Mountain Men brings his thick sword along to negotiate, the Amazon Commander might be willing to give peace a try.


I learned a lot about the history of Amazons during this collaboration event from Amazon expert and fellow erotic creator Doctor TammyJo Eckhart

Here are some of the documented Amazon legends that I’ve incorporated into this audio..

  • Yes, some Amazons did battle mountain men

  • Yes, there was an Amazon tribe that had a truce with males in exchange for an annual breeding

  • Yes, looking upon a pussy could be seen as a frightening experience.

  • Yes, the Amazons would only keep the female offspring and give the males to the men to raise or kill

  • Yes, one breast was often exposed out of the tunic in art work

December 7th is EROTIC AMAZONS Collab Day!!

I am part of a group of Patreon creators who make adult content. We are working towards sharing our themed collaborations every few months.

This month’s theme is Classical Amazons –  you know, the legendary barbarian warrior tribe of women who thrilled the imaginations of Greeks, Romans, and others in antiquity.

⬇ Listen to "Sword of Peace" - my FREE audio contribution to the event below ⬇


Erotic Amazons

Sword of Peace Erotic Audio - Erotic Amazons Collab
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