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Approximately $1.65/US per minute, with a 20 minute minimum* paid in advance via:  Buy Me A Coffee 

Or use these Discreet Billing Links to purchase chat time. (these should NOT appear as Lush in Lace on your receipt or  Credit Card statements::


20 MINUTES        30 MINUTES         60 MINUTES  



Advanced booking is always appreciated, however I understand that sometimes the "need" strikes, so spur of the moment calls are possible when I have availability.



Rates approximately $1.65/US per minute, with a 20 minute minimum paid in advance via:  Buy Me A Coffee. Text or DM to schedule time or check availability.


Rates approximately $1.65/US per minute, with a 20 minute minimum paid in advance via:  Buy Me A Coffee . Text or DM to schedule time or check availability.


Rates as posted directly on NiteFlirt. No minimum call length.  Billing should appear as NF Services. Availability will appear on NF directly.



It's your call and your time with me so it's really up to you. However the more I know about what you enjoy beforehand the better the call. I'm pretty easy going and fun loving. We can play out a fantasy role play or something similar to one of my audios. Or we can just have a casual chat about anything and everything. You can talk as little or as much as you like.

*Yes - I take calls when you can’t talk back at all but would enjoy my live voice in your ears.*



You can Direct Message me anytime to schedule a call. I can take spur of the moment calls, if I have the availability. However advanced notice is always appreciated.

You can use the Contact Page on this site or email lushinlace directly to schedule a call.  Please provide 24hrs advance notice, unless otherwise arranged. I'll get back to you to confirm your time and provide more details, as well as answer any questions you might have.


Want to thank me for an amazing call or just show some appreciation for my work? Use:



OR use the links below (which should NOT appear as LushinLace on your receipt):

    $3          $5          $10          $25          $50          $100          $200

*New Rates effective as of April 2022, Preferred scheduling and availability given to Patreon and SusbcribeStar supporters

*Note: the 20 minute minimum applies per call. However, if less than 50% of paid time is used in the chat,  the remaining time may be banked for one future call at the discretion of Lush in Lace.

**NO fantasies containing illegal acts, under age, incest, rape, race play, hardcore bdsm, vore, gore, beastiality or degradation are permitted on calls!


Voice Chat Pricing

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