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Lush in September


Here's What I'm Up To This Month!

 Cumming Up for Subscribers in SEPTEMBER

- Live Audio Recording featuring THE SWIM COACH - September 28th

- Live Chat - AMA, Toy Chat, Audio Ideas etc. - September 21st

- Cum Cursed Series Continuation

✅Back To School Tale(s) (Maybe including Lacey & Mr. Davidson)

✅ Ultimate Cock Tease - A Long Slow Burn Tale 

✅MILF Cock'tales'  

- Letters to Lacey or Storytime 

✅ Nurses Station Series Continuation

- Cumming Out of His Shell Series Continuation 

✅ MM Themed Audio 

Friendly Skies 5 - 'Getting Off' the Red-eye

- Polls, Polls & More Polls! 😂

- Monthly Update 

- and MORE!! 



👙 AUGUST Recap 👙:

✅Script Fills including a Non-Human lead character (Found in the Forest by a Queen Bee in Need )

✅ New Mini Series of my own that includes lots of cocks (Pleasure Palace)

- Friendly Skies 5 - Morning of the Red-eye Flight (Cumming in September)

✅Pegging Audio - Exclusive - Stuck in the Middle

✅Out of the Box Tale (If Your Fleshlight Could Talk... )

✅Hotwife, Storytime and Letter's To Lacey Tales

   Storytime 23 - A Bedtime Story  & Letters To Lacey 32 - A Letter From Mr. Davidson

✅ Toy Review

✅Monthly Update


- and MORE! -August's Extras

   - ✅ Limited Word Challenge / Quickie - "Watch Me, Baby" 

   - ✅ Exclusive - Lacey Time


Thanks for your support. Looking forward to next month! 

~Lacey 💋


To join live events you must be a Patreon or SubscribeStar subscriber (or have age verified in Discord prior to 2023). The good news is I now have a new $1/month subscriber tier (USD$) to make access more affordable for everyone.

🆕 $1 Love of Lush Subscription includes– Live Events, Archived Audios, Discounts and More 🆕

*This tier does not include new or exclusive audio content*



Absolutely perfect! I swear, sometimes it's like you just reach inside my head, yank out my fantasies and fill my ears with them! 😈

     ~ Patreon Subscriber Comment on - Can I Help You With ... Anything?

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