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Lush in July


Here's What I'm Up To This Month!

SciFi, Fantasy, Futuristic THEMED AUDIOS



  • Another Live Event - Would You Rather Games, Your Input into our July audios, Future Live Scheduling

  • "Cursed" Series Origin Story

  • A sexual awakening for a woman who loves men in a non-heterosexual universe

  • Amnesia / Groundhog Day Tale

  • Sexy Power Source for Superheros or Villains

  • Secret Identity (like Clarke Kent vs. Superman)

  • Backwards Audio (Starts with the fun and ends with the innocent beginning)

  • Storytime / Cocktails / Hotwife Tales

  • New First Line "Pick of the Month" Voting - Lots of great entries

  • First Winner Story from Last Month

  • Subscriber's Choice Story from the winner of last month's Live Event

  • And more...



Thanks for listening

~Lacey 💋



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Cumming in JulyL
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Absolutely perfect! I swear, sometimes it's like you just reach inside my head, yank out my fantasies and fill my ears with them! 😈

     ~ Patreon Subscriber Comment on - Can I Help You With ... Anything?

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