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Lush in Decemober


Here's What I'm Up To This Month!

The 12 Days of Christmas is back again this year!


🎅🎄 12 Days of Christmas Guests! 🎄🎅

Subscribers will enjoy an exclusive new audio daily from:

December 13th - 24th.

In each tale, a new guest arrives and I record a story about the

fun I have with them.


From December 1st - 24th each day I'll introduce a new Holiday Calendar Item and share an audio of how I'd put that item to very good use.

Follow me for free on Patreon & Subscribe Star to find out what each daily item is.

Subscribe to hear how I'd put each item to naughty use and hear my "12 Days of Christmas Guests" tales too!*

You deserve to treat yourself this holiday season with daily doses of


Also Cumming Up in December:

- MILF Retreat

- Winning Audio from the First Line of the Month Contest

"Great. Carol from next door has gone out, leaving her tasty, 18 year old virgin son ripe for the picking."

-  🎅🎄12 Days of Christmas Guests 🎅🎄

- ⛄ Daily Holiday Calendar Item ⛄

- Exes Hate Fuck script fill

- New Year's Story

- Personal Update

- Some Letters to Lacey, Storytime, Cocktails etc..



Thanks for your support. I'm looking forward to the naughty fun to cum this month! 

~Lacey 💋


To join live events you must be a Patreon or SubscribeStar subscriber (or have age verified in Discord prior to 2023). The good news is I now have a new $1/month subscriber tier (USD$) to make access more affordable for everyone.

🆕 $1 Love of Lush Subscription includes– Live Events, Archived Audios, Discounts and More 🆕

*This tier does not include new or exclusive audio content*


*Based on the exclusive subscription reward level!*


Absolutely perfect! I swear, sometimes it's like you just reach inside my head, yank out my fantasies and fill my ears with them! 😈

     ~ Patreon Subscriber Comment on - Can I Help You With ... Anything?

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