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I no longer take custom audio requests.


ORIGINAL SCRIPT FILLS  - As of April 10th, 2023 I'm NO longer taking Script Fill Requests! 😢

Fully completed scripts must be your original work and less than 2K words in length. Partial scripts or concepts are not accepted.

Basic Rates: $7 US per recorded minute.  

Rates Including Sound Effects or Personalization: $8 US per recorded minute.

Payments to be made in full and upfront once the audio is completed.

Not all scripts will be accepted.

Turn around time:  NA - Not taking requests at this time.

Request a Script Fill


Submit a fantasy or story to be read for my Letters to Lacey subscriber reward tier (similar to the old school 'Letters to Penthouse' style) and receive the free audio file just for you.

Not all letters are accepted.

Find full details as well as the submission form HERE


If you think you have an idea that might inspire a sexy story from me, I'm always willing to take a peek. I can't promise it will ever become a Lush in Lace audio, but you never know. 



*No illegal acts will be discussed / recorded for commissions including - No incest, rape, underage, gore, vore, hardcore bdsm, beastiality, race play or degradation. If you’re unsure about a kink or fantasy contact me to discuss.* 


*New Rates effective as of April 2022, Preferred scheduling and availability given to Patreon and SusbcribeStar supporters



That's a great way to start the day.

Whenever you say, "cum for me," I am completely at your mercy, Goddess Lacey!! You are just too good at what you do. 💥💦💥💦

     ~ Patreon Subscriber Comments on Limited Word Challenge - Let Me Jack You Off

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