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Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)

Patreon & SubscribeStar contest winners had an opportunity to input their naughty ideas for this Fall Forest Choose Your Own Adventure Tale. And now you get to listen and make your own naughty choices along the way!


You'll need to refer to the guide below to choose the correct time to jump ahead or skip back in the recording depending on your choices. 

NOTE: Not all choices will lead to a happy ending so choose wisely or just simply go back and choose again! 🤣😆 




Choose the Right Path - 20:45


Choose the Left Path - 1:38 

Choose to have a Huge Dick - 6:43

Choose to have both the Huge Dick and The Genie's Extra Tight Pussy - 5:11

Choose to Pick Up The Lamp -14:48 

Choose to Leave the Lamp and Make the Genie Cum - 13:11

Choose to Enter the Cottage - 24:00 

Choose to Peek in the Window First - 22:02

Choose if it was a Wolf Howling - 31:55


Choose if it was Little Red’s Ring Tone - 30:42


*All the characters depicted are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual. This content does not encourage violence or harm towards anyone, this is strictly a fantasy, this is not real. This audio does not contain any blood relations. It is not an incest tale. This audio is recorded by an adult and was made for adults only*


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