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Your voice call has been scheduled. 😊


If this is your first call, here are some things that are helpful to keep in mind:

-  calls are via NITEFLIRT  by default, however I also take calls on Skype and Discord.

-  if you would prefer to chat using SKYPE or DISCORD , message me there and let me know

-  chats off of NF are paid in advance ... see pricing and payment links HERE for all platforms

-  it helps to know what type of scene you would enjoy most or your favorite kinks/ fantasies

-  if you're unable to chat back (not alone) then it helps to know that too


I'll look forward to our call!



Note: the 20 minute minimum applies per call. However, if less than 50% of paid time is used in the chat,  the remaining time may be banked for one future call at the discretion of Lush in Lace.







Want to thank me for an amazing call or just show some appreciation for my work?

BuyMeACoffee     or      Paypal 

 Stripe - which should NOT appear as LushinLace on your receipt


*New Rates effective as of April 2022, Preferred scheduling and availability given to Patreon and SusbcribeStar supporters

**NO fantasies containing illegal acts, under age, incest, rape, race play, hardcore bdsm, vore, gore, beastiality or degradation are permitted on calls!



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